The Broom Sweeps up it’s Own Straw, Original Poetry by Stewart Cherlin (1981)

The Broom Sweeps Up it’s Own Straw (1981) is more of a journal then a collection of poems. Written during walks around Highland Park, New Jersey, it includes reflections, observations, aphorisms, sayings, haiku and short prose. Marilyn (then named Dale (a long story), my newly born son Adam and I lived at a top floor apartment at 314 Harper Place. I started writing the poems when Adam was 6 months old. There are six extent volumes, some of the poems are illustrated in pen, pencil and marker. The earliest volume is March/April 1981. After 35 years it is interesting to see what I wrote so long ago. A few are insightful, others are so so, wish I wrote more. The posting are a rough cut, I hope to get to the final editing later. 

The Broom Sweeps up it’s Own Straw is dedicated with love to my family; Marilyn, Adam and Danny. Marilyn you are the Sun, the moon and stars to me.

May you find the collection inspiring and insightful.

Lastly, I am torn whither title the collection The Broom Sweeps up versus away its Own Straw. I like both. Its up to future generations to select the proper name.

The Broom Sweeps Up its Own Straw